LIFSim: A versatile modeling tool for NO and O2 LIF spectra


LIFSim is a software tool for the simulation of absorption and laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) spectra (excitation and emission) for NO and O2. Correction factors for imaging diagnostics can be evaluated. Spectroscopic data of NO A-X and O2 B-X is implemented. The simulations include pressure line broadening and shifting, and quenching. LIF signals are calculated using a three-level non-transient linear model.


Details are provided in:
W. G. Bessler, C. Schulz, V. Sick, and J. W. Daily, "A versatile modeling tool for nitric oxide LIF spectra", Proceedings of the Third Joint Meeting of the U.S. Sections of The Combustion Institute (Chicago, March 16-19, 2003, paper PI05).


The web interface is currently offline. For the time being, if you require access to LIFSim, please contact